A sweet little label born of a love of vintage and days gone by, each Fabled and true piece is designed and made with love in Brisbane, Australia by little old me. 
No sweat shops or mass production here! No siree, Bob! 

Vintage florals and ladylike silhouettes are our signature look and ALL printed fabrics and the majority of my lace and lining are either pre loved, re purposed or vintage. 
That means they have lived another life already, have been (sadly) cast aside, sat in the back of cupboards no longer used and eventually disposed of.
I search far and wide for my fabrics and trims looking for discarded pretties that I can give new life to so they can be loved and admired like they once were. 
This means your F&T is one of a kind or one of only a few, and in a world of sameness that's pretty sweet!
PLUS we're VERY proud to be known as a local Eco label, we're doing our bit for the environment by practising sustainable fashion...and looking darn cute while doing it!

All vintage pieces are sourced by me both locally and from all over the world on my vintage travels and my fabric finding missions. I have a deep love for all things vintage (especially 50's and 60's) which shows in the collections and my designs.

Fabled and true is designed for those whose hearts skip to a vintage beat and is best worn while sipping tea, eating cup cakes or getting up to mischief‚ô•